Samstag, 12. September 2015

Third scene done soon^^

Hey, i hope you having all a great weekend. I got the third scene finally working with the rope.
Not perfect yet but it works.

Unity released an update and that giving me some troubles with some of my games.

More update soon. I planning to make some live development and i need to get the right equipment.

Take care,

Montag, 7. September 2015

Second Scene

Finally i got the second scene working. Progress is pretty good so far.

I got alot working with the rework some scene needs to improved later, but basic gameplay is working.

Freitag, 4. September 2015

First Scene almost done.

Hey finally the first rework scene is almost done the animation needs to be a bit tweaked.
But overall it works so far.

I am glad that i switched to 2DPlatformerPro.

More Infos soon and fixes that care.

Mittwoch, 2. September 2015

Game is still alive;)

I sry for less updates i updated now to 2DPlatformerPro .

Finally the plugin got ready and it will help me to finish my game faster.
I think the waiting was worth it and making games takes long.